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The Protasov Diet is a recipe uniquely developed to take the necessary products and ingredients from food, allowing you to lose weight and cleanse your body of toxins, toxins and food contamination over a five week period. . Protasovka is the second name of this regime, as it is commonly called among the people.

The diet was named after the name of its founder - Israeli physician-scientist Kim Protasov. For the first time, the diet was mentioned in 1999 in a weekly newspaper, where an article was published, describing the essence of the Protasov diet. It has therefore become widespread.

Since then, the Protasov diet has established itself as one of the most effective in weight loss. This is evidenced by numerous photos with the results of people who adhere to them. Thanks to a special diet, you will not only lose weight, but also rejuvenate your body.

A feature of this diet is its diet, which is based on the consumption of vegetables and dairy products, meat and poultry in small amounts.

Adhering to the Protasov diet will not be difficult for you: you can eat a variety of foods without significant restrictions. This is especially good for those who find it difficult to tolerate fasting. The presence of a large amount of long-digestible fiber in food will not allow you to eat a lot and, at the same time, gain extra pounds.

Kim Protasov's diet is also well suited for those who cannot tolerate mono diets, which only include one or two products in the diet. Its diet and dietetic recipes will delight you with a wide variety.

Throughout the diet, you will have to give up sweets in large quantities, which will limit the intake of fast carbohydrates that can immediately increase your weight.

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During the first two weeks, the Protasov diet suggests eating mostly vegetables and low-fat dairy products. In addition, food intake is distributed as the calorie content increases. So, in the third week it is allowed to eat a little meat, which reduces the consumption of other high-calorie, but low-fat foods - milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. During the fourth and fifth weeks, fish and poultry are included in the diet.

You will feel the benefits of the diet after the first week. It is the absence of heaviness in the body after eating, the normalization of metabolism, an increase in vitality, a surge in strength and the most anticipated weight loss.

Those who adhere to this diet have only positive reviews. It has been recognized even by experienced nutritionists and doctors. Even distribution of food intake and consumption of low-fat foods is a preventive measure for the treatment of various diseases.

The Protasov diet is a guarantee of rapid weight loss and a way to shape your ideal figure!

The Protasov diet per week

The Protasov diet is designed for a period of five weeks. After that, it is recommended to take a break from dietary nutrition. A hallmark of the diet is rapid weight loss for 3-5 weeks.

Diet Protasov does not limit weight loss in food. It is based on a balanced diet: exclusion from the diet of foods containing carbohydrates that are difficult to assimilate by the body, which has a positive effect on the functioning of internal organs, and in particular on the pancreas, liver and intestinal tract.

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According to the Protasov diet, it is recommended to eat a variety of vegetables and dairy products. Vegetables provide the body with a lot of fiber, while milk and eggs provide protein and lactose. Dietary restrictions only apply to fats, but are not excluded from the diet at all. So only during the first two weeks it is forbidden to eat meat products to limit the intake of lipids (fats) in the body.

  • From the 1st to the 5th day: in the morning, eat raw vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, salads, spinach, cabbage, carrots). You can make a delicious, fragrant vegetable salad with a little low-fat sour cream. Day and evening: in addition to vegetables, you can eat fruits: apples, oranges, plums (refrain from pears and bananas), low-fat cottage cheese with a fat content of not more than 5% (100 g). Eliminate sugary foods from food. It is advisable to take food 4 times a day in small portions.
  • From 6 to 7 days: hard-boiled eggs can be added to the diet of the previous days, no more than 2 pieces per day.
  • From 8 to 14 days: we adhere to the diet of the first week of the diet. In addition, it is allowed to drink every day a glass of fermented dairy products, the fat content of which does not exceed 1. 5%.
  • From 15 to 21 days: boiled meat or poultry is allowed in the meal. Gradually reduce vegetables and milk, evenly replacing them with meat. Meat for lunch and dinner does not exceed 250 g per meal.
  • From 22 to 28 days: yogurts can be included in the diet of previous periods. Thus, we gradually start to eat foods containing sugar. You can drink lightly sweetened tea or coffee, juice or a fruit drink.
  • 29 to 35 days: Eat fruit in the morning, vegetables and meat in the afternoon, poultry or fish in the evening.

After five weeks of diet nutrition, anyone who is losing weight should get off track with the Protasov diet. This is a set of measures aimed at minimizing the load on the body with its uniform transition from a diet to a normal diet.

Warning! This diet, like any other, has its drawbacks and contraindications. therefore, it requires a mandatory consultation with an experienced specialist doctor, since its diet should be properly adjusted and optimized for your health.